2021/2022 School Year - What To Expect

Dear CornerStone Families,


Recently we have received many questions about inventory levels and product availability. We would like to take a few moments to update you on what is occurring both domestically and internationally that has created the supply chain disruption. 

Hopefully, this letter will provide you with a better understanding as to the source of the disruption.

 Background: During the first year of COVID most businesses in our industry were substantially impacted by the loss of revenue as the lack of meetings, events and gatherings at any facility dramatically reduced the need for products.

 Consequently, all suppliers saw a significant drop off in orders. To keep businesses functioning many had to let go of trained staff, reduce inventories, and use other mechanisms to cut costs to keep enough cash in the bank to ride out the pandemic.

 Additionally, the lack of products being purchased severely impacted the international ocean/air shipping needs which resulted in carriers and freight processors reducing capacity.

 Now: The good news is the economy has come roaring back to life, but this has caught the distribution channel off guard with little capacity to respond. Transportation companies are scrambling to keep up with ever increasing demand and facing massive shortages of equipment to move products.

 All suppliers are caught in this pinch. Nearly all industries are trying to place orders for similar materials that include metal, wood, clothing and plastics causing even more inventory supply issues leading to reduced/inconsistent inventory availability levels. Additionally, companies are finding it challenging to recruit and train employees to meet the demand in the current environment.

 With businesses across all industries trying to recover and regrow all at once there is a massive economic whiplash that the transportation infrastructure and supplier base was not prepared for.

 We are making every effort to minimize the impact on our families and appreciate your patience as we work through the regeneration of our marketplace. We hope this helps answers some questions for you.

 If you have additional questions, please e-mail: